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Blueline economy ® is a company specialized in the creation and
manufacturing of high quality LED products.
For your projects we design and manufacture special custom made LED products

We are producing affordable and long lasting LED products using the best quality components.
Besides, we are continuously updating and improving the lighting of our LED products
with a focus on energy use reduction.
Our quality standards allow us to provide 3 years warranty for all our products.


See it by yourself    Why are Blueline economy LED's better?




Danny Beng Ho

International sales director

Innovating Quality For LED Professionals

Why Blueline?

- 3 year warranty

- Specialized in custom made

   LED products

- The most durable components

- Long lasting 30.000 hours

- High lumen output 93,9 - 100 l/w

- High driver efficiency 85-94%

- Powerfactor > 0.90